5 Reasons Wide-Format Graphics Create BIG Impact!

Want to get attention? Wide-format graphics are the perfect opportunity. If you send an email, it needs to get read almost immediately, or it will disappear underneath the hundreds of others that come in behind it. But window graphics, wall coverings, and signage are hard to miss. If you want guaranteed attention, go big!

What do you need to know about wide-format graphics?

  1. Wide-format graphics are highly custom.

Wide-format printing is the perfect way to create something truly unique and eye-catching. Unlike other forms of print marketing, wide-format projects tend to be ultra-short runs or even one-offs. This lets you think, “wow!” rather than run length. Whether you’re looking to create an attention-grabbing banner for your next tradeshow or a limited-edition piece of art for your wall, use wide-format printing to make a statement.

  1. They create the perfect business fit.

Because these projects tend to be produced in very short runs, they are custom designed for individual applications and needs. That’s a good thing because you need a project as unique as you are. Don’t waste time with bland solutions. Create something special.

  1. They can be used everywhere — from floor to ceiling.

There’s more to wide-format projects than just signs and banners. You can use them for all sorts of unique applications, including floor graphics, vehicle graphics, and building wraps. With the right imagination, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Wide format can be highly embellished.

Wide-format projects don’t have to be flat vinyl. Many wide-format printers can print, score, kiss-cut, and die-cut inline while adding embossing, varnishing, and unique finishes. New digital materials open different design and production options.

  1. You don’t need to be an expert.

If you’re looking to do a wide-format project, you need to take a few special steps— such as calculating the most likely viewing distance and adjusting the resolution to the final output size. But don’t worry. Our experts are happy to help you with any questions you have.

If you want your marketing to make an impression, go wide-format! With endless opportunities for creativity, you can create unique, customized displays that catch attention and leave a lasting impression.