Mailing Services

Certified & Simplified

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    Cut Out the Middleman

    One stop for all your mailing needs. Simplifying your life.

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    Increase Efficiency

    State-of-the-art technology means faster service.

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    Decreased Labor Costs

    We handle the whole process so your team doesn't have to.

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    Lower Postage Expenses

    We're a USPS Mail Anywhere member, we save you money.

Central Illinois Full-Service Commercial Mailer

Conveniently based in Central Illinois, we can handle all your mailing needs. We will simplify your company’s mailing operations while saving you time and money. Our processes, high volume output, and automation capabilities allow us to receive significant postage discounts, which we pass on to you.

Unparalleled Experience

bopi’s team has decades of experience handling mailing for clients large and small. Our talented and experienced team includes Cheryl Oltman, an active member of the Heart of Illinois Postal Customer Council (HOIPCC) Executive Board. Her involvement in the HOIPCC helps bopi keep our business and clients aware of changes and new opportunities.  

We understand the ins and outs of mailing so your company doesn't have to.

Giving Your Mailing Operations Endless Capabilities

Inkjet Addressing
Tabbing (wafer sealing)
Direct Mailing

Our Capabilities

bopi offers a full range of print, mail, fulfillment, e-commerce, and digital business solutions, taking a comprehensive approach to serving others with quality and care.

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Conventional Print

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Digital Print

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Plus Services

Customized Mailings for Better Results

In marketing, adding a personal touch can directly impact sales. 

Direct mailing services from bopi give your company the ability to send customized marketing materials from our facility to your customer's home. With variable data printing, bopi can seamlessly change printing elements from one document to the next without slowing down. This flexibility gives your company the opportunity to appeal to each lead.  

bopi can customize each piece with a customer's name, address, hobbies, and more - showing them that this letter or postcard was created just for them, leading to increased response rates and a greater likelihood of making the sale.

Did You Know?

bopi is a USPS Mail Anywhere Member - Our clients can mail with any permit at any location nationwide.